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Expert's Report CPR Part 35

Expert's Report CPR Part 35

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A local solicitor has asked me to supply an Expert's Report under Practice Direction 35 at short notice.  I've done the calculations, etc, and wondered if someone had a template or pro-forma Report I could utilise.

Any help would be appreciated.

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David Winch
By David Winch
21st Sep 2011 12:37

Practice Direction 35


I presume you have looked at Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules 2010 and the associated Practice Direction to ensure you have satisfied the requirements regarding information to be disclosed in your report.

Be sure your report includes an expert's declaration with appropriate wording.  You can view the wordings for use in different circumstances HERE.  Do be aware of the difference between the "family" cases wording and the wording for use in non-family civil cases.

I myself concentrate on criminal cases.  A report of mine will typically include a chapter dealing with the background and outline of the case (including details of the parties, a summary of my instructions, details of information supplied to me and a disclaimer of liability to third parties), chapters dealing with the issues as appropriate, a chapter summarising my conclusions, an expert's declaration, and appendices including a brief CV and numerical schedules.

I hope that helps.


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By Rammstein
23rd Sep 2011 08:17



Thanks for the great reply.

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