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Export all attachments from Xero

Doesnt look possible?

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In quickbooks you can export all attachments uploaded to quickbooks in one go, it doesnt seem this is possible in Xero? 

Looks like once you're in you wont easily be able to leave.


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12th Jun 2019 20:37

I have asked Xero whether it was possible and they said “no”. Kinda means that you do have to keep all of those receipts for 7 years, just in case.

Someone must have written some software to do it though?

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12th Jun 2019 21:27

At ALISK, Yes, that's what I thought, particularly as we are in An age where there is a software solution for most things like this, such as movemybooks.

Unless things have changed in the past 12 months (which is possible), no such tool exists and as stated above, Xero don't have a solution, so short of downloading each individual invoice / receipt, the documents appear to be stuck in xero.

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12th Jun 2019 21:55

Thanks, I thought so.

That on it's own is enough to make me recommend quickbooks over xero to clients.

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13th Jun 2019 09:33

Gary Turner mentioned years ago that they were working on an export all function but I assume they will want to tie people to Xero and not give them an easy route to leave.

Xero, the new S*ge.

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to MissAccounting
13th Jun 2019 10:20


I am only just starting out and use both Xero and QB, while I will continue to use both I want to choose my “go to” software for clients who don’t have a preference.
With Xero prices, and increases, it seems like long term recipe for disaster without this option.

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By johnt27
13th Jun 2019 12:25

Why do want to export? You'd only feasibly need to if switching systems and Xero allow you see data on a read only basis (under T&Cs) if you cancel contract and need to revisit data for whatever reason.

I currently have a clutch of ex-clients (who closed down etc) where this is the case and it's never been an issue. Oldest one having gone in 2012 and we'll be exporting data to excel just in case.

Feedback from clients is that this differs from Sage, where you can't access data once on the subscription model and cancelled - I haven't tested this.

I tend not to use Xero's inbuilt purchase invoice upload system and use ReceiptBank so effectively have a backup for the backup!

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