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Export from PS2000 to MS Access

Export from PS2000 to MS Access

Hi, I need to export the tables/data pertaining to Payroll out of our legacy application PS2000.

For archive needs the old data, as it stood, needs to be kept available. Being a legacy system we want to stop using PS2000 for this purpose.

The preference is to be able to export all data/tables from PS2000 into Access or Excel and I wanted to know firstly if this is possible, but if so, then how to do it. Of course, being the type of data it is there cannot be any mistakes in the export, even though this is old data and so not live.

It would be great to hear from anyone who has either been through such an exercise or in fact, know just what to do, thanks very much, Bobby
Bobby Kumar


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13th Feb 2008 09:49

Export as text or csv
I don't specifically know PS2000, but most packages can export data as CSV (comma separated variable) or TXT (text) files, then import it into Excle and tidy it up there.

Any reseller will be familiar with this process since it is the standard way of moving files from one package to another.

So the questions are: 1) does PD2000 export as CSV/text? 2) what data tables neeed to be exported?

If PS2000 can't export data as text, you could try printing off the Payroll reports as PRN files and scraping out the data via Monarch.

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