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Export QB to Taxfiler

Having some difficulty

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This is my first full year using QB Online and having some difficulty exporting the trial balance to Taxfiler.

VT was a very simple copy and paste excercise but having trouble exporting QB to Taxfiler. I don't use the Accounts part of Taxfiler and I noticed that there is a new connection between QB and Taxfiler so not sure if I need to use this process.

A simple pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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By DKB-Sheffield
06th Apr 2022 18:19

When you say you don't use the 'Accounts part' of Taxfiler, do you mean you're just wanting to copy the TB into the tax return (CT or IT)?

For the ITR...

If you have prepared the accounts in VT, you copy the SNF file into the SE schedule (using the 'Import accounts...' button). If you are using QBO Self Employed, I believe there is an SNF export? I may be wrong - I haven't checked.

If you haven't prepared accounts (i.e. are using QBO for your trading accounts), you can import or copy-and-paste the TB into the 'Accounts' function on Taxfiler. The copy and paste option would require you to download the csv TB from QBO. In either case, you need to check the mapping.

Not sure which version you are on if the Accounts function is not available in Taxfiler?

I'm a little confused though. I am assuming you have only changed to QBO from VT but used Taxfiler in previous years? The process of uploading the SNF file to Taxfiler hasn't changed. The TB has not - to my knowledge (long term Taxfiler user) - ever been uploaded directly to the SE section of the ITR?

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