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Exporting Sage Aged Debtors report to Excel

Exporting Sage Aged Debtors report to Excel

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Running Sage line 50 Accountant version 13 (2007) I am trying to export a sage report (aged debtors summary) to excel to do more analysis. I've tried several methods none of which work precisely as I would wish.

Method 1: Select required report, Aged Debtors Analysis Summary. In drop down, select File, click generate report. and for save as type, select Excel .xls.

This creates an excel file which on first sight looks ok, BUT closer examination reveals that for some of the fields (Account and Name) where the value is longer, they occupy two cells which are merged.

(As an experiment, I tried changing the field width in the report designer - increasing field width made no difference, but reducing the field width solved the problem of merged cells, but the name is curtailed at less characters. I've also used the format painter to de-merge (un-merge?) the cells, but this is not ideal.)

Method 2: is as method 1, but chose Comma Separated Variable .csv as file type. This generates a blank .csv file (not only appears blank, but has 0 size.

I've tried various searches with Sage, and there is some interesting stuff on the report generator, but nothing I found addresses this specific problem.
Jeremy Hall

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By David2e
18th Sep 2007 22:26

Possible Solution
Hi Jeremy

Although I haven't unwrapped v13 yet (been on shelf since Apr) I used to have much the same problems with aged reports in previous versions.

What I ended up doing was exporting to a text file, and then importing this into Excel and cleaning it up with just a little formula and by removing double spaces and an odd symbol that used to appear.

Possibly a solution for you and sorry I couldn't be more help.

Kind regards

David Toohey
The Accountants Circle

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By Anonymous
19th Sep 2007 09:57

caveat ....
David - good to see you using DNN however, a caveat...

"..../ViewaProfile/tabid/239/ID/30/Default.aspx">XXXX Bookkeeping Solutions ..."

Watch your members area because it is very simple for someone to harvest all your members details automatically using the above. The program would take about 30mins to write and 5mins to run to extract all details for everyone from your 'member detail' drill down pages

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By David2e
19th Sep 2007 12:14

Thanks JC...

Wanted to PM you as I don't want to throw Jeremy's thread off track.

It is something we are aware of, but I am unsure of any solution which could prevent it given we would like members to be available within a directory and also to get the benefit of website links (we are working on this).

Possibly a DNN issue on retrieving such details so easily but if you do have any thoughts on how we might sort this it would be appreciated. Please do reach me at [email protected]



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By cp_greenow
19th Sep 2007 16:09

File > Send > Contents to MS Excel
Rather than using customer reports to get the information into Excel you can use File > Send > Contents to MS Excel. In the customers module click the "Aged" button, specify the "cut-off" date and "paid up to" date and the ageing will be displayed in the view area. Then, as with any data in the view area, you can use File > Send > Contents to MS Excel to get it into a spreadsheet.

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By jlhall
20th Sep 2007 13:11

Use SAGE EIR add in in Excel
To answer my own question, thanks to helpful people at Sage, you need to activate the SAGE EIR add in in Excel. This then allows you to log in to Sage through Excel. There are a bunch of predefined reports which you can select and filter in usual way. You get all your data in Excel in nice tidy columns, just the way you want them. Beats exporting the report from Sage and having to tidy up to get rid of page headings etc. DEFINITELY worth knowing this one, and if there isn't a tutorial on it, it's overdue!!!!!

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By Yvonne Harper
20th Sep 2007 17:40

Exporting Sage reports to Excel
If you select the CSV - Length Delimited File (.*csv), when you export this report, you should have no problems with your fields. It is quite a useful function.


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By sisko1
30th Oct 2007 16:24

Aged Debtors Report to Excel
This sounds like one of the reports I have written for many clients. The best way of generating the information you require is to import the information through odbc, this is done through importing data in excel.

You will need to know which tables and fields are required.

Drop us an e-mail if you want to discuss it further.


Chris Seater
[email protected]

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By listerramjet
31st Oct 2007 09:06

How about
I wonder if there is still an option to print to a text file (there used to be!). The output from this is a text file which looks and prints like the original. You can open it in Excel and use text to columns to chop up the fields into cells. In the wizard select the fixed length data type.

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