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Exporting to excel using integrated reporting for sage 50

Exporting to excel using integrated reporting...

Hi all

I'm just wondering if there is a way to format the monthly NL report from sage when exported into excel so that it doesn't have the DR and CR in front of the figures. I cant use Vlookup to get the figures from this report into my monthly accounts/ budget comparisons.

Many thanks



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By Alan1
23rd May 2012 15:08

Never used sage - but

If you have say DR12 and you want 12, then you could try highlighting the cells, use ctr h (or edit replace), type DR in find box and leave replace as blank. End result will be the number.

Hope it helps.


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25th May 2012 13:15

As the DR & CR are consistent

and have a space after them I believe, do


You may need to do =VALUE(RIGHT(cellref,LEN(cellref)-3) ) to get a numeric answer.

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25th May 2012 13:22


 =IF(LEFT(cellref,2)="CR",-VALUE(RIGHT(cellref,LEN(cellref)-3)) ,VALUE(RIGHT(cellref,LEN(cellref)-3)) )

Check the brackets but this will give you DRs and CRs as + & -

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