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Extensive work load

Our firm has an extensive workload and we need to out source or find someone local

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Hi all,

I work in a family run business of accountants.

Last year we lost 2 employees and already struggled with work load. 

The jobs are beginning to mount up and I can see it taking its toll on the owner. 

We have advertised for roles on indeed but with little success and the situation is becoming worry some. It seems to find people wanting accountancy jobs these days. 

Ideally we would like to outsource some of the jobs, preferably if it was someone local as communication and getting the records to and from would be much easier but I'm at a dead end of just to how to go about finding such a service or person who could help us out with the workload.

It really would be a massive burden off us. 

Does anyone have any advice or guidance? 

Any out sourcing tips and or recommendations? 

Where to advertise for such work and also where to advertise for job positions? 

We are based in Essex.

I truly appreciate any help in this matter. 

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By Danny_Bolton
24th May 2018 09:32

Hello. How about contacting the local college for a few apprentices ? Cheap wages and some are highly motivated in my opinion from past experiences. Thanks and let us know how you get on :)

Danny from Bolton, UK.

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By Bacc
24th May 2018 11:07

Just sent you a PM

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By Mr_awol
24th May 2018 12:28

Have you tried the agencies? We all hate them with a passion but they do serve a purpose.

I'd avoid the bigger ones and perhaps look for a specialised accountancy recruiter local to you. They may well have placed someone near yo9u a couple of yours ago and will often shamelessly approach the employee agitating for another move. Jost beware that once you've paid them their bounty they will probably be on the phone to your new recruit again within 18 months to see if they can keep the merry-go-round moving.

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By ClaireB
24th May 2018 12:41

You could try contacting local sole practitioners to subcontract work - search LinkedIN and local FB business groups.

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Replying to ClaireB:
By Mr_awol
24th May 2018 13:41

It's difficult with locals unless you find someone yo9u know/trust or who doesn't offer the same services as you.

If I was looking to outsource I wouldn't use locals as it would be difficult to prove whether they had 'poached' them or if the client had instigated a move (inside or outside of any non competition period).

If I was smaller and looking to subcontract I wouldn't take on work form local firms as it would limit my access to a genuine local target market.

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By ClaireB
24th May 2018 14:09

Well yes, point taken. It may be fairly rare but I do subcontract for another local firm - we have very different target markets in terms of client income and we don't encroach. It's worked very well for the past 4 years, but I agree, it wouldn't suit everyone.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
24th May 2018 13:48

Are you offering enough ££££?

Pay rubbish and you get not much.

Reed use to be good for self-advertising not sure about recently.

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By spilly
24th May 2018 15:55

Why not stick a small ad in your local paper? Yes, you will get calls from agencies on the back of that, but they are easily fielded.
We find that by offering flexible and part-time working we are usually able to fill vacancies ok.

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
24th May 2018 16:47

I'm an accountant of 15 years and have capcity for additional work. I'll send you a PM.

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By Fran001
31st May 2018 11:39

Just sent you a PM

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By outbooks
28th Jun 2018 11:14

We at Outbooks deliver outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services for accountants in UK.
We are based in Harrow, Middlesex, so you can always have someone to talk in person whenever there is any issue.
You may contact us by following the link provided below:

Else please let us know how we can reach you out accordingly.

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