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Extra student loan repayment due

Landord’s mortgage interest restriction increases SL repayments

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Not a question, just an observation, the (2019) 50% restriction on mortgage interest for landlords has had the effect of increasing a client’s SL repayment, because it’s worked out on the increased income after the restriction is applied.  So a double whammy for my client, who thought all his SL repayments had been dealt with through PAYE.

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By Accountant A
09th Jan 2020 01:00

And creates more higher rate taxpayers. Odd that a Conservative government dislikes private landlords so much.

Why are furnished holiday lets - which remove a property from the pool of available residential housing stock - given favourable tax status while residential lets (providing 'permanent' housing) are seen as so reprehensible they require a special punitive tax regime?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
09th Jan 2020 07:47

Yes. And more people into the HICBC.

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