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Extra tasks for a junior to do

Extra tasks for a junior to do

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In anticipation of my maternity leave, I've taken on a trainee, who is fab. Originally we thought there would be plenty for her to do, but it seems that there isn't (partly because clients don't send their bookkeeping in in a timely manner!).

I'm happy for her to spend some time studying while she is here, but can anyone think of any other constructive jobs to get her to do? I'm sure there must be something I haven't thought of...! I'm happy for her to get experience in all areas of general practice, but there also must be some random adminstrative ad hoc tasks I have been putting off for ages too (but I'm darned if I can think of them offhand!).

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By Maslins
20th Feb 2014 19:56


I'd love some more ideas here, as we took on 2 trainees a few months back and are struggling.

Things we _have_ go them to do which have been useful include:
- checking our website for old/obsolete things and update them,
- have another go at agent authorisations for all clients/taxes (often have some but not all),
- help with basic things we'd kinda done before, like email reminders when tax due, check divis etc in year to date to see whether makes sense to take more now/delay until post 6 April,
- build marketing database of suitable contacts and mail merge template.

Good luck, and good on you for recruiting!

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