EYU update and Basic Tools

We need to update 20/21 employee payroll records with correct pay for more than 15 employees

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Due to some failed FPS submissions on Kashflow payroll in 20/21 our client's payroll records are incomplete.  HMRC advised use Basic Tools, but we have more than 15 employees.    The Kashflow payroll doesn't allow us to do this and directed us to Basic Tools.  We considered using another software, but have had experience of HMRC duplicating payroll records!  We also need to be able to adjust for the employment allowance and SMP.  

Any suggestions?

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By Tom+Cross
30th Aug 2023 14:51

Moneysoft appears to be able to deal with almost anything, from my experience.

Brightpay is also regularly mentioned, on here, as another alternative to consider.

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Replying to Tom+Cross:
By QA2021
30th Aug 2023 15:04

Thanks, Tom!

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Replying to QA2021:
By sueno2024
17th Jan 2024 22:19

Hi, I have a similar issue. May I check if you have tried the new software and if it is all corrected? Thanks

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By Hugo Fair
30th Aug 2023 18:49

Just a correction to your terminology as & when you're talking to any potential suppliers ... EYU is no longer a valid submission for tax year 2020-21 or any subsequent tax years.


So you need to be clear that any software you select can cope with generating the newish 'corrective FPS' for a previous tax year.

I don't know Kashflow, but if it doesn't support this capability (which has been part of RTI for several years now) then it sounds like time to replace it.
When you've reached the point of considering an alternative then I'd suggest giving them a brief of all the bits you want to achieve (you've mentioned several items above) - and request their written assurance that they can cope with all of those + a promise to show you how!

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By psimonparsons
31st Aug 2023 10:35

Do you have the original FPS file, can you correct, then resubmit.

EYUs don’t exist, the need for then ended in April 2018. You can now send an FPS file late.

As for SMP recovery and EA, that’s the EPS, not FPS nor EYU. Send the relevant EPS values again.

As for whether software should allow FPS adjustment for years it dor don’t do that employee, or for values 5tat as far as the payroll are concerned are not in error. Well the idea of payroll is to pay people, not fix HMRC issues!

There are means and ways.

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By frankfx
31st Aug 2023 11:51


refer the forgoing to Kash support.

they should have a similar solution to Moneysoft.


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By Vjacob
31st Aug 2023 17:09

I have been trying to correct a similar issue for 2021-22 - and after spending a while setting up Basic PAYE tools, it didn’t work anyway. It just posts to a legacy system and doesn’t update our live account. HMRC have since told me that they will only accept a correction using an FPS from the original software. I’ve now done this, and although it looks fine on my side, the FPS is still not showing up on HMRC’s side. Our payroll provider says it has worked but HMRC says it hasn’t. I will give it another month, just in case, but if this doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to try.
It took 18 months to get an initial response from HMRC but after several different suggestions and ideas on how to fix it from 3 different HMRC teams, I still don’t have a resolution. All quite frustrating - they seem to have built a process with no override for errors and they can’t advise how to help as they are not trained, and each team tells me a different story - so we end up going around in circles between the employers helpline, the charge resolution team, the online support team and our software providers. Lots of time wasted on hold and trying things that don’t work. Welcome to digital paradise, where everything is super efficient - except when it’s not!

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All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
06th Sep 2023 16:16

Basic PAYE tools DOES work and is sometimes the only way to fix the PAYE record for employees.

My experience is that after using Basic PAYE Tools the PAYE account is updated fairy quickly.

Basic PAYE tools is slow and clunky. Essentially you submit an amendment to a box on the original P45 or P60 or the underlying National Insurance record boxes.

However, so long as you know that you are just submitting a plus or minus adjustment to the original box amount it is not complicated to deal with 15 employees, though a little tiresome!

My experience e.g. with Sage 50c software is that you cannot do an FPS Adjustment unless you made the original FRS with the software. You therefore couldn’t have used Moneysoft or BrightPay and then go to Sage 50c to make the FPS Adjustment.

HMRC are definitely completely incorrect is saying that “they will only accept a correction using an FPS from the original software.”. What happens if the client changes accountant/payroll provider or the latter changes software between the original submission and correcting the mistake.

My payroll software has submitted some real rubbish to HMRC via RTI, due to a software bug. I fixed the issue with Basic PAYE Tools. A handful of staff is not too bad, if you cannot deal with an FPS Adjustment through your original software.

Even with my current payroll software, Sage 50c, if the error to be fixed is in say in week 2, I’d have to re-run all the payrolls for the next 50 weeks to get the payroll YTD values correct. It was quicker to do this adjustment via Basic PAYE Tools, as you just submit one annual adjustment to the affected figures per employee.

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Replying to paulinleeds:
By sueno2024
17th Jan 2024 22:18

Hi, can I ask how to do FPS adjustment in the basic tool? I tried so many times and couldn't figure out. If I reported original data in basic tool, can I correct it with Moneysoft or Brightpay? Many thanks

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