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Facebook. Chanel 4 dispatches


As accountants - bookkeepers should we be so keen to advertise on Facebook.   As business should we consider our Social Footprint and Data responsiblity? 

As Business woman and a parent   I am deeply disturbed about Channel 4 Dispatches inside Facebook - promoting child abuse content and refusing to take it down even at the request of NSPCC.    - Facebook moderators 'keep child abuse online'


I totally support Retail Excellence a body in Ireland who represent retail in Ireland now suspending their partnership with Facebook.  

A qoute from RTE and Retail Excellence

"Based on the revelations from Channel 4 Dispatches documentary last evening, we have decided to suspend our partnership with Facebook until further notice," the group's chief executive Lorraine Higgins said.

"As a representative body which promotes standards of excellence amongst retailers it would be wrong for us to continue our partnership where they have fallen short," Lorraine Higgins said. 

"On that basis, we will not be working with Facebook until we are satisfied their policies have been overhauled regarding the posting of violent and abusive content for commercial gain," she added.




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By SXGuy
18th Jul 2018 09:42

The issue is Facebook has a big drive at the moment to censor anything it doesn't find relivant.

Some examples include scrubbing out web urls from shared links.

Removing pages from top stories etc.

I may not avoid it but I wouldn't rely on it much anymore.

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By Selaen
18th Jul 2018 16:53

The outrage on this is very telling of how the >millennial generations see FB.

The activists in my generation and post have been fighting against this type of modding for years, and it is repeatedly been chastised as a SWM-led organisation that couldn't give a shoot about social responsibility. Did you know that black women especially need to type out yt because writing 'white people' is instantly removed? People lose their accounts constantly because they speak out against blatant racism. Pictures of breastfeeding are insulting enough to be removed but a dadbod with two veg out spread eagle at the beach is a-ok.

Does this doc surprise me? Not in the slightest.

Is FB going to change? Not in the slightest.

Should you advertise on FB & Instagram? Well, probably. But forget about social responsibility; it's been shady since Zuccs got the first $$$.

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19th Jul 2018 11:43

I could not agree with you more. The younger generation are always lecturing how caring they are compared to the older generation.

Yet they still follow Mark Suck model. I actually think he is one of the most despicable people on the plant.

If this was another big brand for example, people would boycott their product for supporting child abuse.

I actually despair how no one seems to care anymore. Just look how little anyone has commented on this post. It speaks volumes.

So I guess business does not care that Facebook supports child abuse and violent behaviour to make money.

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