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Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc!

From an old dinosaur

Well I think I am the only person not using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. My kids use them. I have never used any of them, be that for business or personal use. I do however realise it could be an effective marketing tool. Does anyone have any experience of using these social media platforms to effectively market a new accountancy practice? Ie what to post, how often to post, how effective it was....are there any legal implications of re-tweeting posts I see on Twittter?


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By Pelican
11th Jul 2017 04:35

I've used them since my company started in 2010.

I make sure all my company Facebook posts and tweets get put onto my personal page. This has worked well in gaining clients from old school/footbal friends.

I now have a marketing company that carry out all my social media and it has been brilliant.

If you can afford it then I would get a marketing company to do it all for you. The one I use only charges £100 a month to do mine for me.

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to Pelican
11th Jul 2017 11:31

Interesting, thanks. £100/month for Facebook and Twitter seems good...i will investigate further. Thanks

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to Pelican
02nd Aug 2017 13:51

Hi Pelican,

I have been searching to see if i can find a marketing company to carry out my social media posts - would you mind letting me know who you use? If its easier send me a pm.



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11th Jul 2017 07:28

I've got accounts with both. I very rarely post.

I mainly use it to find ex-rugby players for reunions. Facebook in particular is very good for that.

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11th Jul 2017 09:35

Follow other Accountants on Twitter, to see what they do.
Talk to social media people (local Chamber?) to understand it better.
And, do not expect huge and immediate results. Social media is a slow-burn, and is only part of your marketing programme.

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11th Jul 2017 10:02

You're not the only one. I too am not featured in "anti" social media and it doesn't seem to harm my practice

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By Chris Mann
11th Jul 2017 10:12

Might be just me - possibly old man syndrome but, it seems to me that, the more communication applications that we have access to, the less we actually communicate?
I'm not wired to Twitter or Facebook but, many of my immediate family are.
It seems that, there are occasions, when a member of my close family will take exception to something another family member has inferred and, I then become chief negotiator or referee!
My biggest concern is the possibility of my grandchildren's pictures being "shared" via these facilities as, quite frankly, I wouldn't let some of the participants have anything sharp.
As I say, it's probably me. Old fart syndrome?

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11th Jul 2017 10:19

Just retweet he BBC News, like everybody else does.

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11th Jul 2017 11:41

I have Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google plus. I do post updates from my random blog on all sites using Hootesuite which saves a lot of time and it’s free.

I attended a SEO webinar a while ago and they mentioned that posting on social media helps with your google rankings. I’m not sure how that works though.

I generally re-tweet posts from TPR.

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11th Jul 2017 13:21

I use FB and Twitter, have gained clients from both. The best source has been a local "Girls in Business" group on FB where I reply to queries and post news articles. I do a bit of a running commentary on budget day. My poor friends and family have to put up with my accountancy and tax gubbins but there is no doubt that people know what I do and come to me if they need help.
Definitely worthwhile but needs balance, I could spend my whole day on there!

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11th Jul 2017 13:22

Posted twice in error!

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