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FAO BTC tech geek type people

FAO BTC tech geek type people

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I'm no huge techie so forgive my ignorance or terminology.

Could something along the likes of Logical Office 'talk' to BTC so they share the same database? I.e amend client address in LO and it feeds through to BTC?

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By Canary Boy
22nd Dec 2014 09:10

Try speaking...

... to BTC helpline. They don't bite!

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By Howard Marks
22nd Dec 2014 09:15

I'm sure they don't

It was however 2pm on a Sun afternoon when the thought crossed my mind.

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
23rd Dec 2014 16:14

No we don't bite

As you well know Howard!

I'm still waiting for a reply to my direct email offering you assistance after your last post about PM Solution!

Thanks for mentioning our new AP Solution 'tho. We are well aware there are plenty of loyal VT users out there who won't want to switch. And that's why we're happy to continue supporting the link with their final accounts.

However for those seeking a more integrated solution we reckon it's something of a bargain!

Happy Christmas,

Andrew Ross

Sales Director, BTCSoftware




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By geroge
23rd Dec 2014 18:26

Generally the 'talking' is done via manual csv export and import. I doubt there are dynamic connections along the lines you describe between two products made by two separte suppliers.

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