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Farewell 'view all' button

All responses or comments should now just be displayed.

Didn't find your answer?

Good morning all,

Just a quick update from your friendly site editor. From today, on Any Answers threads and articles with more than six responses or comments we have turned off the much-maligned 'view all' button, and all responses/comments should now just be displayed. Many thanks to our development team for their hard work on this.

If you're having any issues with this particular function on the site do let us know below.

Have a good Thursday and be audit you can be... all-dit... all that... nevermind.


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By lionofludesch
01st Aug 2019 09:30

Hurrah !

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By johnhemming
01st Aug 2019 09:48

A very good solution. Bandwidth and memory is not that much of an issue today.

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By Vile Nortin Naipaan
01st Aug 2019 10:54

Any chance of rolling back some of the other 2016(?) "improvements".

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By legerman
01st Aug 2019 11:04

Nice one

Tell you what else would be good, the ability to see what's been read and what hasn't. (or date/time of last post made, like it was before the improvements) This is the only forum I know that doesn't have this function. Even UKbusinessforums does and that's a Sift site.

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By FirstTab
01st Aug 2019 13:09

Thanks Tom.

Now please make the ridiculous blogs section a priority. Start by showing the clicks count.

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