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Farmers Averaging and Marriage Allowance

Interaction of Farmers Averaging and Marriage Allowance

Example situation:
Farmer husband 15/16 Nil taxable, 16/17 £30,000 taxable.
Wife employed earns £5,000 in 15/16 and 16/17.
Husband averages in 16/17, so averaged profit in both years is £15,000.
Can Wife transfer Marriage allowance in both 15/16 and 16/17?
16/17 is clearly ok, but what about 15/16?


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20th Jan 2018 19:31

Would be worth trying it on ?

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20th Jan 2018 22:45

In the case you describe marriage allowance is applicable for both years (after amendment of the averaged return).

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22nd Jan 2018 09:51

Of course you can claim.

That's the whole point of averaging.

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