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Faster Payments to HMRC

Faster Payments to HMRC

Like many companies a friend of mine pays his taxes to HMRC via internet bank transfers from this Santander bank account. He has been doing this for years.

The latest payments failed to complete and upon speaking to the bank he was told that the HMRC acocunt number/sort code he is using cannot accept Faster Payments! But, the Santander bank website facility has been upgraded and now only supports the new Faster Payment method. So he's stuck!

I mention this just in case other people encounter the same issue with making payments to HMRC, especially via Santanter. I use Bank of Scotland and that system allows for the traditional "Slower Payment" method!

There is nothing Santander can do about it seemingly.


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By vince8
29th Dec 2011 09:18

Faster payments

HMRC saying faster payment service available from 16 December, see link below. I suppose you need to check the bank and account numbers have not changed, not tried it myself.

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to stacksbookkeeping
29th Dec 2011 11:38

Faster Payment

Yes, HMRC advertised 16th December but it would seem failed to meet this date.

Now this wouldn't matter much except that Santander no longer supports the 'old' payment method.


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29th Dec 2011 13:34

paid vat this morning

I paid my VAT bill this morning from Santander and was surprised to see that it apparently went by faster payment as previously you could only send a stingy £300 this way from Santander.

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29th Dec 2011 14:11

Use a debit card

and pay on HMRC site here

The payment is credited to your (tax) account immediately even if it takes a day or two to appear on your bank account. Ideal for last day payment.

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04th Jan 2012 11:34

Things can only get better

Just followed the link to HMRC faster payments - as is normal for HMRC when you click through to find, say, the Corporation Tax bank accounts, there is no mention of faster payments.  And, can anyone tell me how you are supposed to know whether you should pay Shipley or Cumbernauld. 

I have long said that if Barclaycard issued their bills the way HMRC does, they would never get paid.

Anyone at HMRC reading this - please start joining it all up. 

Put the Corporation Tax payment reference, including period reference, in the client details online for the relevant accounting period.  Tell us at every opportunity where you would like taxpayers to pay the tax to. 

And, put the client's name on all correspondence to agents.

Pretty please...

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04th Jan 2012 11:54

Might as well be Cumbernauld!

I agree with New - payment references can be hard to find - and what a ridiculous reference it is!!

If I can't find quickly whether the account should be Shipley or Cumbernauld, I just use Cumberanauld - I don't think it actually matters at the end of the day.

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04th Jan 2012 17:07

Faster Payments

Paid personal tax and corporation tax from Lloydstsb faster payments with no problems. Personal SA Statement/Pay-in slip from HMRC has Cumbernauld printed in bottom LH corner.





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