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Fax to Email service providers

Fax to Email service providers

Has anyone any experience of using fax-to-email services? I need to receive my faxes with my emails. Saves running a fax line and m/c. Also won't need to be in office to pick up faxes. Anyone any experience of following providers found on the internet?: efax.co.uk; callsciences.co.uk; pumaone.co.uk; fax.co.uk? Costs about £30pa for your own 0870 fax number. Can anyone recommend, suggest others?
Richard Middleton


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By tom123
22nd Apr 2004 13:41

I use this service at home, and am at work at present, but having looked at website for efax.com it seems to be the service I have.

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By squay
23rd Apr 2004 17:48

I have been using PumaOne fax to email service for a year now. It is excellent and free to you. They issue you with your own 0871 number which costs the sender approx 8p/min. Faxes arrive by email as attachments in tiff format. As faxes can be previewed you don't waste precious ink printing junk faxes and its 24 hours so you are not woken in the night by the phone ringing. You can also receive faxes anywhere in the world providing you can reach your email box.

You can sign up online at http://www.pumaone.co.uk

To send faxes I use my pc or all in one unit. Pumaone have other services which are not free such as the ability to send fax by email. Best of you look at the website yourself. Incidentally I don't receive any marketing faxes or junk from them. A great service.

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24th Apr 2004 03:26

Efax ...
I have been using efax (www.efax.com) for several years - no problems and very useful, as I have an 0870 number for my clients in the UK, and a Melbourne number for my Aussie clients.

You can download the basic efax Messenger software that allows you to read incoming emails, but I believe that you can only have a US number with this service. The Messenger Plus service allows you to have a UK number and to send faxes from your desktop.

Best regards.

Alan Collett
Registered Migration Agent Number 0102534
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
http://www.gomatilda.com and
Offices in Southampton, England; Perth, Australia; and Melbourne, Australia

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25th Apr 2004 15:45

Thanks everyone!
Thanks for all your advice and postings. We've started a 7 day free trial with a PumaOne Lite 0870 number. Chose that because it can receive international calls and it doesn't charge v high rates to clients that send us faxes. Costs us only £15 per year. Works fine so far. Will post again in a month or so if we have any problems. Thanks again ...

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22nd Apr 2004 14:58

Fax to email
I have been using YAC, www.yac.co.uk for several years. The service is free and you can choose either .tiff or .pdf attachments.
They issue you with a special fax number that people can fax to, you then recieve as an email.

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By tom123
22nd Apr 2004 08:58

I have efax.com, which has a free 0870 number to give out. I send faxes from my desk pc using a modem.

They have a more advanced service, which you pay for, which allows you to choose a local fax number.

For the free service you do get (ocassional) marketing emails.

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23rd Apr 2004 14:48

Fax to Email - DMClub?
I use DMClub 07xxx numbers (see http://www.dmclub.net/) for both "for life" mobile numbers and fax-to-email. They're free, easily configured online (e.g. to email you PDF or TIF), or you can even phone up to configure it. Some types of number can be set to "hunt" for you, and a record is kept of all calls (successful or otherwise) to your numbers. I've had very few problems with the service.

Being 07 numbers, they tend to be charged at BT "K" rate, i.e. a "national" mobile number. They do have other number ranges (including 08), but they're not "free".

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22nd Apr 2004 17:38

Reasonably positive about YAC
YAC works well and remains free to you as long as you get enough faxes (no more than 1 or 2 a month are necessary). It pays for itself by charging the person who sends the fax a premium rate for the phone call - I do not recall exactly what this is per minute, but it is not ridiculous.

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22nd Apr 2004 12:05

Efax or Efax?
I've been using efax.co.uk (a different company from efax.com). It's £29.99pa for an 0870 number. I wasn't aware of efax.com's free service - I might just switch!

I tried and failed to sign up with JFax (jfax.com). They seem very US-centric, even though I seemed to be able to sign up for a UK phone number.


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26th Jul 2009 15:18

Online fax
I use Popfax.com and it's a reliable internet fax service. It's fast, cheap and available worldwide. It's the best way to receive and send faxes without a fax machine.

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21st Aug 2012 06:12

This is an old thread but it came up near the top of Google search:

I have been looking for a while now for a Fax to Email service provider. There are quite a few of them that operate in the UK but I will not use them because they want to obtain my creadit card details themselves (I.E. they do not go through a service such as PayPal) and they do not have an Extended Validation Certificate.


Extended Validation Certificates mean that the company has gone through further examination to prove they who they say they are. When you log into your bank, the little icon or box next to the Web Address (URL) turns green.

I would advise anyone wishing to make any purchase via any website (not just for fax services) to ensure that if they company is requesting to get your credit card or other payment method details that they have an Extended Validation Certificate. Normal SSL certificates (usually a padlock) only need proof that the person or company owns that domain name (or has access to a admin email address at that domain).


Going through a service such as PayPal means that the company you are purchasing the service from can not see your credit card numbers and there-fore can not take out more than they should. If the company does not supply the services then at the very worst, they can only take what you paid and not what's in your bank account. Also, in such an event, you can file a complaint through PayPal if you used a debit card instead of a Credit Card.

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By Ila
14th Feb 2014 22:50

I would recommend online fax from Popfax

I can recommend you online fax from Popfax. It is easy to use, fast, reliable and I have never had any problems with them. The reception works great, and they also offer a wide range of options like: mobile faxing, fax to email, fax from a desktop application, e.t.c

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