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FCMA application

What is the process and likelihood of consideration

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I am considering an application for my FCMA. Having read the guidelines, whilst I haven't been in a typical 'managing director' role in the past, I believe I have lots in the technical leadership category that could support an application for Fellowship. More recently, I have been running a small practice business, if that holds merit (I suspect not reading guidelines...)

I am keen to know if anyone has applied here for this process, particularly in my position and how they found the experience. If anyone was deferred, I would be keen to know if they found the feedback insightful and worth the fee and time and effort of the application alone?


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16th Dec 2018 11:00

If it's anything like the ICAEW, no, it's not worth anything.

Being an FCA, rather than ACA, has added nothing to my business, other than a few quid in costs.

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16th Dec 2018 11:34

What is the point? If you make your case strongly enough you will get it, regardless of the underlying merit. That's the system. If your income increases to cover the cost of the inflated subscriptions you will have done well. Bah humbug.

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By tom123
16th Dec 2018 13:16

I look at this every so often (and indeed am a past branch president of CIMA for my county) but somehow my work never seems to stack up.

The application is big on 'strategic' stuff, because that is what CIMA likes to sell the qualification as leading to.

In my 'real' life I manage the finances for a family owned business (that is not my family ;)), and in those kind of sectors the strategy is wholly with the MD. In addition, I am not an engineer.

So, it's not really going to suit me.

I guess, in larger orgs, you could talk about 'strategically' replacing software etc - but hard to make that story in a £4m business.

Having said that, I don't think the application is wasted as such - you get to top up your evidence if you need to.

Most of my previous employers have now gone under, so that adds a level of complexity.

The problem comes if the job market views the 'F' as something one just gets over time - which isn't really the case.

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