FCMA retired member fees

CMA Retirement membership fees

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Having been a retired FCMA member for over 3 years I've not been required to pay a membership fee.

This year, I'm now getting renewal reminder emails which when clicked request a £75 annual fee for retired membership.

Has there been a rule change? Having been inactive and not received institute correspondence I'm unaware of requirements to now start paying a fee. 

Telephone customer service are clueless, online chat is always unavailable & emails go unanswered.

Having not been required to pay previously I've no active direct debit but will continue to use FMCA on the rare occasions necessary (i.e passport application approval etc).

Happy New Year to one & all!

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By FactChecker
29th Dec 2023 13:04

News to me that it was ever free ... but see https://www.aicpa-cima.com/resources/landing/membership-beyond-retirement for their current position:
"To keep you involved and invested in the profession, retired members and members who are no longer working enjoy a 50% discount on membership"

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By KarenMH
04th Jan 2024 10:33

The new aicpa-cima.com website seems somewhat biased towards CPA/AICPA, with CIMA an also ran.

I am not altogether sure the "Membership beyond retirement" article relates to CIMA/FCMA members? It talks about CPA/AICPA and can only be found in the Membership area of the website, under the section for Active AICPA members. It does not mention CIMA, and neither the article nor an equivalent looking one show in the Active CIMA members section that I can see!


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By kar999
29th Dec 2023 13:21

Thanks for the info. I've just searched back & found my original retirement email.....

"Thank you for informing us regarding your retirement.

Having reviewed your account, I confirm that you have been granted remission 1.8. You do not need to pay the subscription fees.

You will still be able to use the letters FCMA after your name and to vote at our Annual General Meeting, however, you will only receive the annual report and accounts and the annual returns form (Form MY) which includes a proxy voting slip.

I hope the above is in order, and take this opportunity to wish you a long and happy retirement."

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By taxdigital
30th Dec 2023 07:39

Founded early 20th century this institute’s objective was to teach efficiency to the industrial world. After one full century of existence, offering a highly regarded qualification until recently, its failure to manage its own finances is there for all to see. Members deficit:

Year 2022 - £11.33 m
Year 2021 - £3.77 m

No wonder then they can’t spare even the retired members!

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By kar999
30th Dec 2023 10:39

Well if they've p*ssed my £thousands of previous years subscriptions up the wall then they're getting no more from me in retirement.
It's my turn now to enjoy doing that with my hard earned pension!

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
30th Dec 2023 11:02

Maybe somebody's remembered how to perform variance analysis.

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paddle steamer
04th Jan 2024 11:47

Great stuff variance analysis-will drag out my Biggs and my Wheldon (both in the bookcase somewhere) and then work out how to rip apart an oily rag.

(Do somewhere also have an ICAEW publication about Standard Costing)

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By kar999
10th Jan 2024 17:35

Apparently my membership status got lost with their system upgrade! I had to formally apply again for remission status for free retired membership.

"Your CIMA® renewal is our priority. We are aware, however, that a small number of CIMA members and CGMA candidates couldn’t complete the renewal process due to a technical issue with our payment system.

We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, and we’re working urgently to resolve the problem."

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