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Fee protection

Fee protection

For sometime, we have been offering fee protection and we have had very little claims made for tax enquiries that have taken place.

We have recently changed providers (and should have done a while ago) and we are having a better take up from our clients - which is good news !

What concerns us slightly is that some clients tell us that they have cover else where for example through the FSB and whilst I do not doubts this is good cover, it us does concern us that in the event of a tax enquiry through a third party fee protection provider how it would work in practical terms and indeed how good is the cover.

If you have had this situation happen in a tax enquiry we would welcome some feedback whether it worked out well or not.

Thanks in Advance



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19th Apr 2011 08:12

Take a look at the FSB cover. I believe it only covers full enquiry work. I would assume your new cover covers aspect enquiries too.

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By Monsoon
19th Apr 2011 08:20

As I understand it, their accountants will handle the enquiry, not you. I am not sure if their insurance covers the necessary time you would have to spend in handing things over to their enquiry accountant or whether the client would have to foot the bill for it! Not ideal.

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19th Apr 2011 21:18

The silver lining

To be honest, I'm happy when clients have arranged their own cover (in my case it's usually via the PCG).  As long as they know what we & the other provider offer and so can make an informed decision I'm oinly to happy not to have the prospect of handling an enquiry/check, not my idea of fun, much rather let someone else handle it and be regarded as a necessary evil (or take the blame when it all goes wrong).

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