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Feedback on "Myworkpapers"

Feedback on "Myworkpapers" paperless audit and accounts files software.

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well and safe. We are looking at "MyWorkPapers" cloud based software to go paperless. It looks well and easy to use but we haven't heard much about it from any accounting firms. Also we tried searching online for reviews and performance feedbacks but there isn't much out there on this software.

We would really appreciate if firms who know or are using it can give us some feedback. We would be grateful. Can you please let us know

1) It is a cloud based software so are there any times that myworkpaper's server is down, you're not able to access files or the system just becomes too slow altogether.

2) Is there a limit to the storage or online space they alot to you (this is more of a question we should be asking myworkpapers!)

3) Has anyone run accross a situation where data had been lost or unrestorable.

4) Their support seems to be quite quick and easily reachable, however, we haven't really done much technical queries yet. How do you find their techinical support.

We will be using the mercia programs for both audit and accounts and work on Iris accounts production and tax. Myworkpapers seems to integrate well with Iris as far as we can see but if someone has come across any issues in this regard then do let us know please.

Other than above, if anyone has any other insight or info they would like to share about "MyWorkPapers" then please do let us know.

Many thanks to all and look forward to your feedbacks.

Kindest Regards,

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By johnt27
28th Sep 2020 13:38

Myworkpapers is really good and I know a few other firms who are using it for both accounts and audit files (using Mercia).

It essentially sits between Xero workpapers and Silverfin in terms of connections and functionality for accounts and below Inflo for audit.

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Replying to johnt27:
By Mukkarram Ali
28th Sep 2020 15:47

@johnt27. Thank you for your feedback.

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By leicsred
28th Sep 2020 21:30

We use it for audits with the mercia methodology and really like it. Well worth a go.

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Replying to leicsred:
By Mukkarram Ali
30th Sep 2020 11:36

Hi thanks.
Have you ever had instances where the system was down.

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