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Feedback on using dual monitors

Feedback on using dual monitors

I received a very helpful response on a thread I raised on dual monitors.

I thought some feedback after about 3 months use would be helpful to some people.

During the first month I had my doubts about benefits of using dual monitors. I just failed to use them effectively. Despite this I ordered the same systems for one member of my staff and also my home office (in total  3 pcs and 6 monitors). She too could not see the benefits of dual monitors after about a month.

How things have changed. The is a marked increase in our productivity. The Dell bill has been paid for itself in the short period. This productivity comes from:

  • Far less switching from one screen to another
  • Comparing information from one monitor to another.

The above does not sound much but it has made such a difference. This blog puts it far better than I can,

My staff just will not give away her workstation now. She got used to it a lot sooner than I thought.

This is what we bought, 23" monitors and 1TB hard drive. If I had the  desk space I would buy a third monitor.

I can assure you your initial expense will be pay for itself in a short period of time.


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10th Nov 2011 08:56


Great insight, great post.

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10th Nov 2011 09:50

Multi monitor stands

"If I had the  desk space I would buy a third monitor."

That's what Bill Gates did but he had the desk space!

I didn't want to use up my desk space at all so I went to Ikea and found something that was one foot deep and about the same height as my desk and the same length. I think it would usually be used for putting objects on next to a wall or window.

My two 32" monitors fit perfectly.

Why don't you consider these?

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10th Nov 2011 10:09

Multiple monitors are great for going paperless

We have quad monitors (19") for about 4 years now ... and they are brilliant. You don't need anything else on your desk, except maybe a scanner, so still stacks of spare desktop going free.

The best desks for quads are the corner desks and arrange the monitors in an arc on the corner.

I have one monitor showing diary, email and CRM. I generally use the other 3 for client documents, working papers, accounts and tax so I can view many of them all at the same time, and it reduces the amount of swapping needed. I would really hate to be without them now.

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10th Nov 2011 10:17

Thank you

It is really good to hear that taking up advice on AccountingWEb pays dividends.  ShirleyM I am now sorely tempted.  Just about to upgrade my two...... into three or may be 4

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10th Nov 2011 10:45

Triple monitors


As we are virtually 100% paperless, we also have a triple monitor system in our meeting room. It is great for discussing draft accounts. One monitor shows our list of adjustments, queries and assumptions, the other two showing the source documents, or maybe, working papers. It makes it so much easier to explain things and get any queries or problems resolved. It helps when clients can view all relevant documents together, rather than flipping from accounts to bookkeeping or bank statements.

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