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Fees for Self Assessment Tax Returns

Fees for Self Assessment Tax Returns

What is the normal range of fees for a self assessment tax returns from a simple straight forward tax return to a more complex one


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06th Dec 2012 10:57


For any new ones we would start at £85 + VAT

We do have a few still at £50 + VAT though.....

upper limit few hundred maybe for a really complex one with lots of share trading

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By Jimess
06th Dec 2012 14:19

Fixed prices

We operate fixed fees on tax returns depending on the complexity of the work.  They start at £140 for basic return with up to 5 income sources reportable in the main return (dividend/interest/pensions etc) plus one small self employment page or employment page if needed, pretty much the going rate in this area.  I know of a practitioner who charges a fixed fee of £150 for the bog standard tax return plus £25/£50 for each additional schedule depending on the amount of work involved for that schedule.  Horses for courses.  You know your client base better than anyone and should be able to gauge the amount of work involved and the likely fees involved.

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