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FHL and Covid - are tests relaxed?

Apart from standard period of grace election are there other reliefs re qualifying?

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Really as above, were there any special Covid measures brought in re qualifying days etc, or do we just rely on the customary period of grace notification to HMRC?

I have 111 lets/ 219 nights /365 nights available in 2019/2020 and 26 lets/67 nights /365 nights available  in 2020/2021.

Did a quick google but did not find any special covid rules but that does not mean they do not exist.



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Replying to Wanderer:
paddle steamer
25th Jan 2022 17:18

Thanks- it appears no specific reliefs so will just insert a grace election.

Apart from possible BADR in future no real issue anyway as no interest costs to claim . Whether it will qualify re 2021/2022 not yet sure, I suspect it will be better than 2020/2021 but not convinced it will qualify (Edinburgh has been a lot quieter than the norm)

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By legerman
25th Jan 2022 18:29

PIM 4110 has had the following added

“For the tax year 2020-21 the availability condition is satisfied if the person has made the property available for letting as furnished holiday accommodation for at least 210 days in the year even if COVID-19 restrictions prevented the property from being used.”

I would imagine the same will apply for 2022

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Replying to legerman:
By Hugo Fair
25th Jan 2022 20:44

From memory, "availability" was temporarily redefined to mean "not unavailable due to a decision/action taken by the owner" - and therefore you're willingness to make it available overrides the impossibility of accepting bookings (due to Covid-related restrictions).

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paddle steamer
26th Jan 2022 09:52

Thanks all, much appreciated.

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