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Furnished Holiday Let used as rental for 6 month

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I have 4 hoilday cottages, 3 of which I let out for 6 months last winter for additional income. Am I still able to use the averaging election to meet the qualifying days or will I have to treat all of the income for this period as property income and pay a balancing charge on capital allowances claimed? I don't keep individual running costs for each cottage as they are all joined, have a single meter for electricity and I have never been requested to keep individual records per house

Any advice is appreciated


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By Accountant A
11th Dec 2018 17:14

The good news is, you may have 4 holiday cottages but you still only need 1 accountant to advise you.

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Replying to Accountant A:
12th Dec 2018 10:41

Why bother to comment at all if only to belittle

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