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Fifth SEISS claim

Will actual turnover figures be required?

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Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, but do readers know if (a) claimants simply have to state whether turnover for 2020/21 is 30% or more (or less...) down on turnover in 2019/20, or if (b) they have to actually supply the turnover figures when making the online claim? 

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By jonharris999
24th Jul 2021 14:45

I believe all there is to go on at the moment is the main guidance:

"In most cases, you’ll need to provide 2 turnover figures when you make your claim. We’ll use these to work out how much you’ll get."

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By fawltybasil2575
24th Jul 2021 16:07

@ songb1rd (OP).

The key words from the GOV.UK link kindly supplied by Peter are:-

“When you make your claim, the online service will ask you for your turnover figures and compare them for you. The claims service will then tell you if you can claim the higher or lower grant amount”.

Hence, the direct ANSWER to your question is "(b)" [except of course in the exceedingly unlikely event that there is a change in that GOV.UK guidance in the next few days].

IMHO ALL accountants with clients who have, or may have, SEISS 5 entitlements, should adopt the proactive policy of informing clients NOW of the two Turnover figures. This is especially important in those "borderline" cases [re the "30%" reduction requirement]. In an albeit small minority of cases, extreme care should be undertaken in calculating the Turnover figures, including:-

(i) Considering the six possible variations of the 2020/21 Turnover figures; and

(ii) Considering whether the use of 2018/19 Tax Return Turnover figures, instead of 2019/20, is a valid option (one has to be able to establish that the 2019/20 Tax Return Turnover figure is not "normal" for that option to be valid).

Qualifying for the "80%" Grant could result in the client's receiving a Grant of £7,500, whereas not qualifying (by a whisker) could result in the Grant being only £2,850 (£4,650 LESS).

The accountant should thus be able to now advise the client of the quantum of the SESISS 5 Grant figure.

In some cases, of course, the accountant will not have on record the "missing information" to enable the Turnover for the Pandemic Period (2020/21) to be determined: in such cases, the accountant should request the client to provide the necessary information to him/her (and take care, where there is any doubt as to their accuracy, to be satisfied that such figure is correct).


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