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Fifty Things, Radio Four Today, -Spreadsheets

For Radio Four listeners, Fifty Things today covered Spreadsheets

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Fifty Things today at 1.45 p.m. covered spreadsheets,

Fifty Things is an interesting programme ,For those who do not listen  to the broadcasts it takes a look at things that shape or have shaped , or maybe will shape our world .

Maybe  my joy in such things is a throwback to my studying economic history when much younger  re technology and inventions coupled with  my initial interest in engineering  ( My first course of study post school was a never completed, BSc in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.) Even today I  still dabble, be it fixing model trains, repairing clocks , a little house wiring, work on old cars etc- if something breaks my first reaction is can I fix it and I own boxes of odds and ends that will one day be useful (well that is what I tell my other half), so parts, and bolts, and gears, cogs, old electrical appliances, speakers, cable etc all get a lengthy stay in my workroom at home.

So, for thoser those who are interested in such things it may be worth fifteen minutes of your life to have the fairly obvious but often unconsidered parts of the world highlighted- the programmes often say little you will  not already  know but prompts you to think and  I do recomend it just as a thought for the day.


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By tom123
29th May 2019 15:23

I will listen later!

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By Duggimon
30th May 2019 09:20

I'm with you on the household repairs, I will try to fix just about everything that ever breaks, often to ridiculous extremes.

If I charged myself even half my charge out rate at work I would be cheaper always buying a new thing rather than fixing the old but I abhor the waste.

In just the last week I've spent about six hours replacing the fan in an eight year old laptop that probably isn't worth £50, the repair involved taking literally every single removable part out of the laptop case to get at the fan, popping the new one in (which cost £4.20) then reassembling it, then dismantling and re-reassembling it because I forgot to screw the new fan in.

Now it works perfectly, and I feel great because I fixed the laptop for just £4.20! (ignoring completely the six hours)

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Replying to Duggimon:
paddle steamer
30th May 2019 11:45

Well, you are obviously a spendthrift, you should have been able to find an existing fan that could be made to fit rather than squandering a whole £4.20. C:

You should always ignore the hours, if you do not then there lies madness and despair. For years I have done nearly all our decorating, it does not matter that if I spent the hours doing other people's accounts and paid the tax on that profit I could then easily pay the decorators and have change from the same , the fact is that accounts are work, DIY is me enjoying myself.

In Sweden this summer holiday I will finish decorating our bedroom (started at Easter) and some left over posts, bought when I built the raised deck area there two years ago, will form the frame for a fixed garden swinging bench seat that I will build- what else are holidays for but to work with one's hands?

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Replying to DJKL:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
30th May 2019 18:14

Every time something breaks at home, or I come out of the garage with a screw driver / hammer / drill Mrs ALISK says “you tell client’s not to do their accounts as it’s not what they do, for G0d’s sake just pay someone to do it”. Needless to say, said screwdriver / hammer / drill goes back into the garage, until she-who-must-be-obeyed stupidly leaves me alone in the house...

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
paddle steamer
30th May 2019 18:59

You win the war by attrition.

When we first got married we did not have much money, so decorating was both of us, which was okay except for my other half's then penchant for patterned wallpaper- however having to hang them herself soon put her off and the heights and lets just say somewhat off true walls in the current house have put paid to such novelties- matching patterns on horsehair plaster walls that have been there for 150 years this year is not much fun.

I nearly blew being allowed to do any DIY at that early stage of our marriage by managing to replace part of the bathroom floor and with the last nail go through a pipe- I blamed tiredness as I had actually marked on the upper side of the boards where the pipes were located then somehow nailed through the part I had marked was not to be nailed.

The big breakthrough came with the kitchen in that flat, other half and by then two small offspring sent to M in L for a week and I totally stripped it, cut channels for new sockets and cables, ran all the cables, built the units, connected the new sink /appliances etc and even did all the tiling- whilst it did not go totally to timetable- I was still finishing at the end of the week- she did like the finished room, so after that, when we moved to where we are now, I got to do nearly everything (and the current house really needed everything- I am still doing snagging after 22 years in residence).

These days I even get to design what gets built, when fitting some reclaimed/refurbed Victorian cast iron balustrades my precision plans, sections and elevations for the design of the hardwood foot rail for them was a masterpiece of drawing accuracy(actually better than anything I ever managed when I was studying engineering- it paid to hold onto my student drawing board)- however I did at least let a workshop make it- a man's got to know his limitations.

The other secret it gradually accumulate the tools without her noticing- similar sneaky approach to my other half acquiring shoes, handbags and hats- you buy them, hide them for a few months and then can honestly claim when they are first spied by the other half that you have had them for ages

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