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File storage, sharing & e-signatures


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I'm am looking for a one-stop-shop for file storage, sharing and e-signatures. 

I have reviewed the obvious, Google Drive/GSuite, OneDrive, DocuSign etc. but I can't seem to find just one solution for it all.

Any ideas?


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By Chris Maslin
15th May 2018 12:18

Senta does the above.

When you say "sharing", who with? A specific client?

It's mainly a CRM package for accountancy firms, but you can store documents in it, share them with clients, and get clients to e-sign them.

If you're wanting to do this with large numbers of documents and/or share more widely perhaps there are better solutions out there.

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Adrian Smart
By Adrian Smart
15th May 2018 13:46

In the main, sharing with clients.

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James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
17th May 2018 11:55

AccountancyManager does all 3 and is GDPR compliant having recently been audited by independent solicitors.

We don't charge for storage space or e-signatures. It's all included in the monthly subscription.

We will be integrating with Virtual Cabinet over the coming months if you require desktop syncing.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch 01926 355366.

James Byrne
CEO - AccountancyManager

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By Cloudcounter
15th May 2018 12:30

We use DocSAFE for all three

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By marks
15th May 2018 17:32

There are a number of different providers that do this, off the top of my head

Virtual Cabinet
IRIS Openspace

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By Cardigan
17th May 2018 11:46

We use ShareFile with the Right Signature add on. It's expensive but has saved us a lot of time. Right Signature can be used for lots of things other than getting signatures, e.g. getting clients to complete forms etc.

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By North East Accountant
17th May 2018 12:07

Some of these new solutions look really good.

My concern is what happens to your data and how do you get it back if they go bust?

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Replying to North East Accountant:
17th May 2018 12:47

Have to admit I feel a little uneasy too about data in the cloud. Having said that I am looking at StayPrivate ( see alternative thread) and it seems attractive

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James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
17th May 2018 16:23

So long as the solution you select has had a cyber security check carried out by an accredited government body such as IASME, this should not be a concern.

Security of data should be a top priority for any storage solution and should be reviewed annually.

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