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Why can I not file a return this year. I go round in circles

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I have checked with an assistant on the HMRC agent telephone line and there appear to be no on line issues with filing a return.  I have phoned HMRC seven times and finally got through but the assistant couldn't help.  My list of clients all authorised is sitting there in my business gateway or portfolio.  So when I test to see if I can file a return I click on a client and click on file a return and it takes me to unauthorise or authorised page .  I click on authorised and it takes me back to my list of clients.  What am I missing.  I have been doing tax returns for 15 years but this tax year for 2023-2024 I can't get into a tax return to start populating it.  I have managed to use my own personal gateway for my tax return.  And my son's who I am authorised to do a tax return for, but I couldn't get on to his through my business portal and had to use his personal gateway.

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By Rozzi Rainbow
18th Apr 2024 10:54

I don't usually file returns direct with HMRC, but I've just tried to see if I get the same issue . I get the same message as you about unauthorised and authorised clients, and if I scroll down past this, and past the message abut basis period reform, I have a green "Next" button I can click, which takes me to the tax return.

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By Michael Davies
18th Apr 2024 11:01

I assume you are using the HMRC software ?No doubt you have tried this;but once you get back to authorised clients,and click on a client ;it still doesn’t work ? I have always had to do it this way-don’t know why .
Otherwise the glitch is a bit weird;unless HMRC have scrubbed you as an authorised agent.

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By rmillaree
18th Apr 2024 12:42

could this be due to user privilige levels ? - if it is i would suspect someone will come along with chapter and verse soon.

i am presuming you are in old skool agent account - you cant file sa returns from new ASA acounts - unless its under mtd.

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