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Filing a VAT return through the ASA

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The VAT helpline did not believe me but I filed a VAT return through my ASA.  It may have been because the client deregistered for VAT.

The deregistration date was 31/12 but the return period came up as 30/12 so my software wouldn't let me file since it only deals with returns ending in month ends.

However there was the option on the ASA to file the VAT return, so I put the figures in the boxes in the old way (albeit not MTD). 

Anyway the guy on the VAT helpline said he would refer this since he didn't know this was possible....

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By BlackBriar
16th Jan 2020 12:01

Ditto, similar thing.

Client had de-registered 30/11. On bridging software the final period was showing as 01/12/19 - 30/11/19 !

Checked VAT account via our ASA and it gave me the option of submitting the return by completing the boxes. Nil return but each box was entered and submitted successfully.

Weird and a bit disconcerting.

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By Cloudcounter
16th Jan 2020 12:07

Not directly connected with this, but when you deregister you can nominate an actual de-reg date up to 3 months in future, to give time to collect in debts and pay bills.

Our client ceased trade on 30 September, and we completed deregistration on that day. It was beneficial to extend by 3 months. Of course the HMRC software thinks that 3 months from 30 September is 30 December. It won't matter in this case as they are below the turnover level for MTD, but I'll bear it in mind in future

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By Matrix
16th Jan 2020 12:14

I thought I put 31/12 as the date - so I wouldn’t have to change on my software - but then the return went up to the day before.

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By Duggimon
16th Jan 2020 17:00

I thought the final return was always to the day before, the date you put on the deregistration form is the first day of your new VAT free life, not the last day of your VAT induced suffering.

i.e. "deregister from" means from the start of this day, not the end of it.

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By Matrix
16th Jan 2020 17:16

Yes I know that now but this is important with MTD if software won’t let you change the date to the date HMRC are expecting.

But not an issue since you can file from the ASA! Just me then.

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