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Filing accounts at Companies House

Filing accounts at Companies House

At a CPD course at the end of 2010 there was a discussion as to whether the auditors report required a live signature when filing with Registrar of Companies. There was no clear answer given and I was wondering if anyone has filed audited accounts with just the dated copy of the auditor's report and if it was accepted by Companies House?



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14th Feb 2011 17:15

Not needed

Hi  Subject to next para, "Wet" signatures are only needed for directors report and balance sheets, ie not the Auditors' report.

As it happens they have given way on good quality electronic signatures and so, as long as they are fit to scan you don't now need wet signatures at all:

I have submitted accounts with JPG's of signatures by post and they have been accepted.  At last the 21st century has arrived.

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