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Filing accounts for a members club on CT600

Can anyone assist with the process involved in filing an unincorporated club's CT 600?

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I am attempting to file a CT600 on behalf of a members club which is unincorporated. This is the first year I have had to use third party software in place of HMRC's template which is no longer available. The submission will not go through as the PDF accounts show the club is Scottish having indicated that there is no "Company Registration Number".  I have been advised to insert NA at the company reg number entry. The CT600 shows NA but the PDF accounts show NA (Scotland) and is rejected because of the mismatch. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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By lionofludesch
29th Nov 2017 15:02

What software you're using would seem to be a fairly essential piece of information to resolving this.

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By jivebunny
29th Nov 2017 15:18

The software in question is Taxfiler which I've used for a few months now without any real problems till now. Their support people have been trying to solve the issue and this is done by email - now replied to about a dozen emails asking me to send various screenshots without success.
Ironically the tax liability here will be £65!

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By Tim Vane
29th Nov 2017 16:00

I thought this was an anticipated problem with HMRCs new rules. i.e. their system will only accept the accounts for unincorporated bodies if they are submitted in PDF format, and yet from the start of this month they are no longer accepting tax returns with PDF accounts. The upshot seems to be that there is no way to file these returns. This aweb article refers:

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