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Filing accounts in Republic of Ireland by Electronic means

Filing accounts in Republic of Ireland by...

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We are UK based accountants.

We have an Eire company and aware that we have to file accounts with CRO and the Revenue. We have the software to prepare the accounts.

We need to gain some understanding of how to do these in practice and where to start. A couple of phone calls have told us we can do this as the client is audit exempt.

Any thoughts we would be most appreciated.



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By refs8
18th Oct 2011 18:52

Did find this but each different source requires a reference number that we don't have such as a Tain number - how do we get one?



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By Lahtac
18th Oct 2011 20:09

Hello I am an accountant practicing in Ireland . You will need to write to Revenue to get a Tax agents identification number (TAIN). Once they know you are a bone fide firm of accountants this should not be a problem. You will need to download software from the revenue website called ROS offline so as to prepare the company tax return form CT1. Company accounts are not submitted to Irish Revenue but the form Ct1 includes accounts extracts. As from 1 June 2011 all company tax returns for all tax headings must be filed on ROS .

For the CRO return you can still file a paper return Form B1 if you dont have the CRO software. Hard copy original signed accounts must be filed. The format of accounts is more detailed than the UK. if the annual return is late you lose audit exemption for that set of accounts and the next accounting year. Be warned

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By refs8
15th Dec 2011 12:43

Thanks for your help so far

Just getting around to starting to file these documents and could with a little further help.

CRO - 

Have registered with CORE and added my client. I now just need to file the B1 and attach the accounts on a PDF, is it that simple? Or am I missing something here? Filing date is 25th December 2011.

Any practical help would be appreciated.


A little more help please. 

Sent off for my TAIN number how long does this take as over a week ago now. More concerned about long after the year end you have to file the CT1 form? The year end is 31st March 2011.

Many thanks








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