Filing Accs - Charity Ltd by Guarantee Co

Is there any good software for this?

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We have taken on a client who is a charity company limited by guarantee. They are on FreeAgent but we need to be able to easily produce accounts for them in the format accepted by both Companies House and the Charity Commission. We've found one template that uses VT but we'd have to get a VT licence for this one client, along with buying the template. 

Building the whole thing in Excel could take a long time. 

Does anyone know of any other software / accounts productions software that has the right charity company format? Ideally we want to find something we can drop a TB into like Taxfiler does for all other formats.

Thanks for any help you can provide :-)

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By tltodman
08th Dec 2023 09:24

VT is worth every penny...

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Replying to tltodman:
By sallyrichardson
12th Dec 2023 12:42

We would agree, if this was not just for one small charity client who we only charge minimal fees to. We can't justify the annual cost for just this client I'm afraid.

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Jim Clark, Lotus 49
By jimclark1967
08th Dec 2023 11:18

I use this template, linked to TB / workings.

I've tried the SORPAid templates with VT in the past but found it too comprehensive for our needs (Charitable co ltd by guarantee / income c. £300k)

Hopefully more options will be forced out of the woodwork by the pending removal of paper filing with Companies House. Search for 'iXBRL charity accounts software' and you get tumbleweed!

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By Charlie Carne
14th Dec 2023 09:50

If you're using Taxfiler, then I'd talk to Iris (who own Taxfiler) about their Charity Formats software ( as they may well sell a single company licence (especially to an existing Iris customer).

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