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Filing an MTD VAT return on Quickbooks Pro Desktop

Using the accountants copy can you file an MTD return?

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Hi All

We have one client that uses QB Desktop, we have an accountant's copy and have been  preparing the VAT return on this then manually logging on to HMRC online services to file their VAT return.

Aug 19 is the first quarter effected by MTD, we followed the set up and filed the return (or so we thought !!).  We can see the return is showing as overdue online and the direct debit hasn't been collect.

Just got off the phone to QB support and they have advised that we cannot file the return on the accountants copy !!  

Does anyone no if this is true?  All gelp gratefully received !!

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By JoF
16th Oct 2019 16:51

I dont use QB desktop, but did the client sign up for MTD first? As noted on another thread today there is a process to go through and you miss one of the stages then it wont work.

How old is your Accountants version? Wondering if that might be the issue, given you were bypassing the system/not already using it for VAT before.

I did find this (unread)....

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By jpcentral
17th Oct 2019 07:37

Simple answer - "No".
MTD filing can't be done from QB Desktop. You will need to use bridging software.

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Replying to jpcentral:
By fiona_howells
17th Oct 2019 12:46

MTD filing can be done from QB Desktop but no kind of VAT filing can be done from an Accountants copy of QB Desktop. you will need to get a backup from the client and restore that and file from that and get the client to just mark as filed on their version

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By VCM Accountants
17th Oct 2019 10:03

Thanks for answers, just to confirm we are really happy with signing clients up for MTD. We have done this on a multitude of software packages so we know that is ok.

We also know the QB Pro is MTD ready as the funcionality is there and it allows us to link to to our ASA. The question was purely if anyone knows if we have to use the clients version to do this, not that accountants copy.

Both client and us are on the 2019 version. Thanks for help so far.

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17th Oct 2019 12:14

If your client doesn't want to "upgrade" to a version of QB that is MTD ready then simply export the 9 VAT figures to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file then use bridging software such as Easy MTD VAT ( to submit the return.

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By VCM Accountants
17th Oct 2019 14:44

Thanks all for your help, just thought I would update to say I have been to client's today and have filed the MTD VAT return sucessfully. I can see this has been received when I log on to HMRC online services.

Shame we can't do it on the Accountants version but at least we have a solution.

Many thanks

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