Filing annual account with Companies House & HMRC

Company didn't made any trading activites since incorpration, what should i file with CH and HMRC?

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1.It's the company's first year for filing annual account and made no business activites nor possess any sort of bank accounts.
Are there any extra steps I should take with filing based on this situation?

2.Also is it possible for the company status after the filing to remain as "Active" instead of changing to "Dormant" since there has no trading been made? or is it entirely up to the owner to make the company dormant based on the form they choose to file?


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By nrw2
14th Sep 2022 12:14

File dormant company accounts if your company was dormant and you want to it to show as dormant.

File non-dormant company accounts if your company was not dormant and/or you don't want it to show as dormant.

You'll also need to file a corporation tax return with HMRC, your accountant can advise. The Companies House website has clear guidance too.

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Replying to nrw2:
the sea otter
By memyself-eye
14th Sep 2022 12:20

By the nature of the question, I'm guessing the reply to your last comment would be

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By lionofludesch
14th Sep 2022 23:09

What advantage do you see in filing dormant accounts instead of FRS105 accounts?

Or, indeed, FRS102.

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