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Filing By Internet for Agents

Filing By Internet for Agents

Who would like to congratulate the Inland Revenue and its consultants on the presentation and functionality of the administration area within the Government Gateway for agents who have managed to register to use the service?

Surely some readers/visitors to this site must have a view on this important aspect of the Government's e-strategy!
Stuart Ritchie


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06th Nov 2002 09:47

Company Client Lists on Government Gateway

I would appreciate it if Kevin Salter could explain how we get registered to have access to these Lists. Our Agent code is always rejected and we are advised to contact the IR e-bus helpdesk, which just sends a standard response re FBI for agents and individuals.

Is there a secret code (!) to get into the Company Client Lists, which appear to be a major improvement on the Agent FBI Lists for Individuals?

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05th Nov 2002 15:52

Not alone...after all
There I was thinking that I was the only one in the UK wrestling with this (it will solve all your filing problems) wonderful system.

Whilst now registered, I have been forced to make the executive decision not to really use it, pending improvements. I simply do not have the time. The Helpdesk is about as useful as a paper mac and as speedy as Twenty-Four Seven.

The main service that I would like to use is the interogation of clients' Statement of Accounts. Apparently, this is within a future upgrade......introduction date unknown.

Given that MAFF apparently oursourced the processing of forms during the Foot & Mouth crisis to Mexico, could it be that the FIB programming was outsourced to Greece?

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By ksalter
05th Nov 2002 10:32

The difference between the Corporation Tax Service and Government Gateway for Income Tax is enormous. The CT Service has a list of client company names - how refreshing and useful- given that the Government Gateway is next to useless with a list of UTR's only. OF these nearly 15% on our list cannot be identified against any of our clients over the last 5 years and another 5% have been dead (literally) for at least 2 years.

As to getting names added !! We submitted a list a month ago (by fax as the Electronic Business Unit did not want it by email!) and we still await signs of action. First fax was lost apparently.

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