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Filing CT Return

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Recently attempted to file a Corp Tax Return in respect of the year ended 31.3.19 with a AIA claim of approx £ 244 K via 3rd Party Software.

HMRC issued a rejection notice ( code 9288 ) on the grounds that " the sum of boxes 690 & 735 must not exceed the apportioned AIA limit". As the apportioned limit for the year is £ 400 K, I fail to see this reasoning. The Software provider is of the opinion that HMRC has not as yet reflected this change within their systems - an issue confirmed on the HMRC Web-Site - " The Corporation Tax On-line service will be updated to reflect this change in May '19"

Anyone had experience of this, as HMRC have had over 6 months to amend their systems.

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By lionofludesch
25th May 2019 16:57

No - but file later seems to be the solution.

HMRC tardy with up-dates - who'd've thought it ?

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