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Filing CT600 long period ending 30/04/2011

Filing CT600 long period ending 30/04/2011

I have several small Limited company clients with year ends of 30/04/2011.

Is there a confirmed date by which HMRC will be able to accept CT600/accounts with period ends post 31/03/2011?

Many thanks


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18th May 2011 17:16

Are you serious?

HMRC should NEVER be relied on.

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19th May 2011 17:01

Ct600 and accounts ( ixbrl )

Due 12 months after the year end.- by on line submission

30 April 2011 due by 30 April 2012, unless i have misunderstood the question.

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19th May 2011 17:06

It wasn't obvious what the OP was referring to, BUT

HMRC are able to accept tax returns for periods ending after 31/03/11 because the legislation hasn't been passed. Even when it is passed it takes a while for the system to deal with it.

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23rd May 2011 13:08

You won't be able to file until about October 2011. The Finance Act must get Royal Assent first which is usually around 3 or 4 months after the Budget. Then you wait for HMRC to update their systems, so October is the normal month for changes arising after the "new" tax year, which by that time will obviously be six months old. Real Time sysytems ha ha; one rule for us, one rule for them.....

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