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Filing FRS 105 Accounts - IRIS

What is produced for HMRC & Co Ho?

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Morning all,
We're currently preparing our first set of FRS 105 accounts to send in but wonder if anyone who uses IRIS can shed light on the following.
S444(3) of the CA 2006 says that the accounts sent to companies house and HMRC must be the same. Apart from you can chop off the P&L & Accountants report before sending to Co Ho.

This gives the option of running LTD accounts, which we don't want to do as this will mean sending a very basic P&L to Co Ho. Alternatively we could run the abridged accounts (ABR) but this doesn't show a P&L at all.

We obviously don't want to show a P&L at CoHo so we are planning to got with the abridged accounts, sending them to HMRC & CoHo. Surely HMRC won't like not having a P&L at all will they?
Hope that makes sense, any opinions would be appreciated.

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By lionofludesch
27th Jun 2016 12:02

You are mistaken.

HMRC get the shareholders' version, which does include a P+L.

Plus they'll want a boat-load of other stuff such as Capital Allowances computations.

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By TerryD
27th Jun 2016 13:01

Also "Abridged Accounts" are nothing to do with FRS105. Abridged Accounts are the cut down version of full statutory accounts, using FRS102 Section 1A.

And I think you need to reread s. 444: it doesn't mention HMRC anywhere! However, the tagged accounts for HMRC must be the company's annual accounts, as defined (micro, full small, abridged, or non-small). Plus, as already mentioned, HMRC also want a detailed P & L Account which can be either attached to the accounts or entered directly on the computation.

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By pitsfordcruiser
05th Jul 2016 16:12

Hi - IRIS uses a data screens section at the foot of which you can choose whether or not to include a non-statutory report such as a full P&L. This helpfully alters menus etc in the financial statements report, on the front page as well as page numbers.

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