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Filing SATRs back to 2006

Filing SATRs back to 2006

A new client has come to me having never completed a tax return as he is being harrassed by HMRC (as you would expect). I'm pulling together the sole trader accounts, I just wondered what the easiest way was to file these historic returns? Would they have to be paper-based? Is there a way that they could be filed online?

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31st May 2012 20:41

Depends on software

What software are you using?  Ours lets us file tax returns back to at least 2008 - I can't remember when the HMRC system started accepting "out of year" returns but 2008 is now out of time for normal filing in any event

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31st May 2012 22:07

2009 is now the earliest.

Until the 5th April this year HMRC would accept SA returns back to 2008 returns from 3rd party software but since the 5th April it has changed to 2009 as the earliest.

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By K81
01st Jun 2012 09:36

HMRC  will chase for Returns

HMRC  will chase for Returns that were issued but not completed however they will not process them once you submit them.

All out of date years must be submitted in paper form.

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