Filing VAT Returns without HMRC authority

Filing VAT Returns without HMRC authority

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The first client, a sole trader, I represent via self assessment.

I have recently registered the gentleman for VAT and the first VAT Return is now due. At the time of filing my software is saying I do not have HMRC authority to file.

I have logged onto my Agents Services Account and requested authority emailing the client the HMRC pathway for client's authority to file.

The client is not getting anywhere with my request.  There is no authority coming through.

So my question is can I file in the interim withour authority by 'setting up an account for HMRC online services' as was asked in in a similar question in 2015 or is this no longer a route I can take?  Thank you.

The second client, a limited company, wants me to change the way I file VAT Returns by using an alternative software he gets from his bank.  He can populate transactions directly from his bank transactions.  The alternative software provider has told me HMRC VAT are not interested in different software being used.  That the VAT Return will be automatically accepted. Do readers agree with this? 

My limited company files the VAT Returns.  Do I therefore register limited company name that files VAT Returns?  Thank you.






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By rmillaree
09th Nov 2023 17:33

I think you are pretty much screwed unles client sets up gateway and adds vat in - once that is sorted the digital handshake should be easy - or the return could even be submitted withn their gateway details being entered. The weak link here is likely to be the hand holding needed to setup a gateway acount and add vat in - note there is nothing complciated to do but lcient does need to be online competent and will need relevant vat info to add into gateway - is that vat reg erd and confirmation no prior returns submitted

Its not clear to me if your client knows they need to setup this gateway and add in vat first before authorising you.

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By JSA Mark
09th Nov 2023 23:07

If you are using their software and logging in as an agent rather than the client, you also need agent permissions to file.
The client will still need VAT added to their gateway as well, so if you cant get your agent authority in time, the only option would be to log in and check their VAT , and then they hit the fire button to send it to HMRC

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By Jason Croke
10th Nov 2023 08:53

Client needs their own gateway, you send your agent authority request to client, client receives email from HMRC and has to click link in email and then log into their gateway. If they don't have a gateway then you can't be their agent.

If your client is so unable to setup their own gateway, first consider do you even want them as a client (the future is digital) but if you want to keep them, then maybe setup the client gateway for the client, add the VAT service and send your agent authority again and link to the clients gateway, then never go into clients gateway ever again.....and of course get clients written permission to do all of this.

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