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Final invoice

Do you ask for payment before handover?

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A clien is leaving partway through the current year with previous accounts part-prepared. She wants her new accountant to complete them
Would you ask for payment of the final invoice before handover?

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By johngroganjga
31st Aug 2020 11:15

Yes of course. That is, before handing over any information, not before providing professional clearance.

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By SXGuy
31st Aug 2020 13:24

Of course I would.

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
31st Aug 2020 19:19

it depends - eg our clients are on monthly payments so if we handover there is nothing to invoice.

what does the LOE say?

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By Calculatorboy
01st Sep 2020 17:37

Yep unless limited company where there is a well known issue

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By TalkSense
02nd Sep 2020 14:44

It depends - when you say 'part-prepared' what have you actually done? Does the client want the work you've done so far - if the answer is yes, then they have to pay for it. If they do not want what you've done, then unless you have agreement from them to pay for this work, then it's a write off. Let them go and move on to more productive clients.

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