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Final reminders going out this week

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Feels like we have been doing tax returns forever.

In common with others, we seem to be ahead of last year.

Final reminders going out this week. How is everyone else doing?

Why have I just been invited to an event called "Get Set for the Start of Self Assessment Season!"? I am getting ready for the end of it!

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By lionofludesch
14th Nov 2021 10:08

Did both mine in April.

Yes - if I had any clients, this is about the time I'd be sending the last reminders out.

After that, it'd be up to them.

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By mgandc
14th Nov 2021 18:06

Definitely agree on the final reminders next week.

I do just under 300 in total and have about 40 to start, about 10 or so should land in the next week

Fed up with the same ones being last minute to provide and often not everything there in one go......I think this year I'll show a few the door rather than face the same old lame excuses and next year I'll do it in April (sigh). The reduction in fees is more than compensated by the additional time freed up

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
15th Nov 2021 09:23

Well I just went through our "already missed our internal deadline list" list with my no.2 this morning for who to chase up this week, so we are on the same wave length until I got to the "Get Set for the Start of Self Assessment Season".

Which I do believe starts in late March and ends several days before Xmas with any luck.

I imagine those starting now are the same ones whining in January about all the long hours and clients leaving it until the last minute. Your clients that is. Possibly our ex-clients.

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By sarahg
15th Nov 2021 11:15

We sent final reminders today - our fees increase 1 December and again 1 January for those that straggle

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Replying to sarahg:
By Moonbeam
15th Nov 2021 17:04

Although I tend to ask the late brigade to take a walk and don't come back, I have one or two that I have a soft spot for, whose tax returns always get done around now.
I like your fee increase idea very much, and will immediately copy it and tell the clients concerned.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
15th Nov 2021 17:45

@moonbeam, I found with putting up the prices the clients just got even more shirty and entitled when you didn't drop everything and do their return on the 28th Jan as they were paying a 25% premium for being annoying.

I stopped doing this and just filed 'em late and they can either lump it or go elsewhere. Mostly gone elsewhere. Crying shame.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Moonbeam
15th Nov 2021 18:19

Ah ha! Good point. As there are only two of them, I'll file them late in that case!
I've sent so many people packing this year, because I only want the quality clients. These two will be going sometime when I can find some good new ones.

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By adam.arca
15th Nov 2021 13:21

I'm a bit behind last year but that was exceptional, so still prob 10% or so better than any year prior to that.

Final reminders went out at the start of the month. If I'm feeling generous (some years I do and some I don't), I may forward those emails to remaining stragglers at the start of Jan too but I will probably as usual make a point of cycling through the last minute charlies and letting a few miss the deadline just to be clear that I'm not their doormat. Far too old and ugly these days for all that Jan overtime malarkey.

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