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Final VAT return under MTD - Date issue

Deregistration is the same day as the start day of the VAT period

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I have a client who deregistered from VAT 1st Sept

We have long sinced filed the 31st August return, and attempted to file the final period.

The final return is dated 1st Sept to 1st Sept, and comes up when HMRC's systems are interogated.

BUT my software (VT) comes up with an error invalid_date_range and it wont file.

Anyone met and gotten around this?  Mental note of course that next time to make the date of deregisation at least 24 hours after the previous period.

Im thinking post it in.  No tax is due for payment or repayment, but it might hold up the closure of the business if its left hanging.

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By Sandnickel
11th Dec 2020 19:19

Happened to me too, I used SAGE to file and just changed the date to match the return requested. I don't think you can do that on VT, maybe bridging software may be your answer?

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By Matrix
11th Dec 2020 19:32

You can file the final VAT return through your ASA.

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Replying to Matrix:
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
14th Dec 2020 09:13

Hi, yes I did think that, but when I try I end up on an authorisation loop which does not resolve itself no matter which accounts I use. It seems like a specific issue with this file.

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