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Financial and resource planning software for £150m t/o Council

Financial and resource planning software for ...

Cityworks, the Council's DSO, needs to replace its IT systems with something to plan, monitor and control our contracting activities like building, highway maintenance, etc.
We've found one suite of software, Mentor Enterprise from Ramesys, but I'd really like to find something to test against this. The few potential contenders I've found seem to shy away from either the size of our operation (5,700 employees, £150m) or from the fact that we're talking to Ramesys.
If anyone could point me in the direction of another product, or share their experience of Mentor, I'd be grateful.
Neil Eglintine


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30th Oct 2000 11:24

Sunsystems Financial and Business Software
I am writing from Systems Union, the authors of Sunsystems Business and Financial software. We provide fully integrated solutions across the globe and as such are used to large implementations. We have lots of experience in many industries including houseing associations, building companies where we have helped them to monitor and control their building activities.

If you would like to discuss this further or arrange a demonstration please give me a call 01252 55 6000.

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29th Oct 2000 12:10

Public Sector Solutions
In my experience there are quite a few software solutions that can meet this requirement but you need to give consideration to the development timetable, training and post implementation support as this is where many of them fall down. It seems a shame that the Council isnt utilising one integrated solution to run DSO and the rest of the Councils operations -this can be achieved with the right product.

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26th Oct 2000 17:50

JD Edwards ERP
JDE can handle the volumes. JDE can offer Cash Accounting and the more usual Resource accounting (Accruals method)
Job Costing and project management modules track Projects, including resources needed.

JDE runs on AS/400 and on various platforms such as HP, RS6000 in the Web-enabled One World versions

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26th Oct 2000 09:56

Consider Navision Financials
Navision Financials offers a complete solution including Financial and Resource Planning tools.

The software is highly flexible.It can easily be customised and scaled to best fit the organisation's needs.

For further information, feel free to contact either Nadia Cameron ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected]) at Anglia Business Computers Ltd. Tel. 01223 461144.

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