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Financial services checklist

Financial services checklist

I am looking for two checklists that can be added to our existing accounts and tax return preparation work prgrammes that can be used to spot financial services opportunities during the course of our work. I am thinking of the Mercia checklists for accounts, but saying things like " does the client have a pension?" etc.

Do any of you kind souls on here have such a thong or know where o can get one, before I try and write one myself?

Many thanks


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By ksalter
02nd Sep 2010 08:08


BBS Computing/2020 Tax Tips and Tools - contains "CheckQ" - a custom developed checklist program - Income Tax, Corporation tax, New Client, VAT and PAYE compliance and an accounts checklist are all provided... all tailorable depending on the "headline" questions e.g. in tax checklist - is client married? If No, then that section is omitted, does he have children? If no - that section omitted. Contains 140+ questions in the tax section which cover the items you are looking for.  Oh....and Tax Tips contains another 100+ tax tools!!!

http://www.bbscomputing.co.uk for more details.

Video on youtube coming shortly....email [email protected] for more details or to be advised when the youtube video is ready to view





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