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First VAT Return using stocks and services

I need some help on the double entry of submitting a part software/part manual VAT return


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20th Oct 2017 14:10

This was used on VT Transaction Plus.

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20th Oct 2017 14:19

Your adjustment is input VAT on something. You set it against the cost of the something. Ignore your calculated value and use the actual value HMRC allowed.

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By jcace
20th Oct 2017 14:20

What was the substance of HMRC's disagreement with your figures?

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to jcace
21st Oct 2017 18:00

Here's part of the reduction on my VAT claim for the refund.......

You have included input tax of £163.10 for the reverse VAT on Facebook advertising, as this is subject to the reverse charge output tax should also be declared effectively cancelling each other out. As the client wasn’t registered at the time of the charges the input tax isn’t allowable and I will reduce it accordingly in the calculations.

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20th Oct 2017 14:29

Don't waste any more time on it - follow Duggimon's advice and move on.

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20th Oct 2017 14:49

I wonder if it would help cut down on spurious posting if every question had to be handwritten and then scanned and posted as an image.

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to Duggimon
21st Oct 2017 17:49

The scan wasn't made for this forum, it was sent to the company's accountant but he couldn't tell me what to put and then he charged £9 for the privilege!
But thanks for the advice - I shall match it to HMRC's cheque amount and be done with it :)

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