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Flexible Furlough and Furlough 1 Scheme Combined

Flexible Furlough and Furlough 1 Scheme Combined

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I have a client using Flexible Furlough and the original Furlough Scheme variable hours staff  throughout July (they are weekly paid).

As the original Scheme was calculated on days rather than hours I do not currently have the hours computed for those on the original furlough for the weeks they were on this first scheme, who went onto flexible furlough part way through the month.  I only have the hours calculated for the Flexible Furlough period.

I have logged on to make the whole claim for July, and the questions it asks are:

-What are their usual hours worked,

-what are the actual hours worked.

At first I thought I would be simply imputting the hours I have calculated under the period they were on flexible furlough in the month, but now I am wondering is it expecting me to calculate the hours they would have worked in the whole of the month, even though under the original Furlough scheme, this was based on days.  

If this is the case, for variable hours weekly paid employees, it will mean doing even more calculations and I just feel it is a conflict, based on what we have been told to do, in order to make this claim.  I can't stagger the claim, as some employees were on FF at the start of the month, some in the middle, so there is no clear cut in the period.

Can anyone confirm or advise me on this, as it is my first Flexible Furlough claim online.

Many thanks


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By lionofludesch
29th Jul 2020 16:41

Well, yes, because the furlough claim is based on the proportion ......

(Normal Hours - Hours actually worked)/ Normal hours.

Having said that, if every working day is of the same length, the answer will be the same whether you use days or hours.

Conversely, if it's not, it won't.

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By Matrix
29th Jul 2020 17:03

For usual hours I used the higher of the July 2019 pay/the average of the 2019-20 pay, then divided this by the hourly rate at March 2020.

I then subtracted the hours worked in July to get the furlough hours.

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By PandoraSleeps
29th Jul 2020 17:05

There isn't really any furlough 1 scheme after 1 July. If you look at the Treasury Direction, section 10.1, "flexibly furloughed" employees are those who are either doing no work (what we may call "fully furloughed"), and those doing fewer than their "usual hours" as calculated. So you don't need to make a distinction.

For example, let's say in July an employee was fully furloughed at the start of the month but then brought back to work every Monday starting from the 13th. You would calculate usual hours for the whole of July (e.g. if they are contracted for 40 hours / week, this would be 40*31/7 rounded up = 178 hours), then take their actual hours worked (say 8 hours x 3 Mondays = 24 hours). Furlough hours are therefore 178 - 24 = 154.

Work out their furlough pay in the same way as you used to, i.e. based on capped 80% of reference salary, and then multiply by 154/178 to get your furlough gross pay claim.

Obviously, you would then pay them their normal rate for the 24 hours worked.

For your variable hours people the only difference to the above is that you calculate their "usual hours" based on the higher of the same pay period last year or their average hours in 2019/20 up to furlough date.

If someone is furloughed for part of the month but then brought back to work at or above their "usual hours", then you would need to pro-rate reference salary based on days furloughed.

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