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flexible furlough calculations weekly

calculating furlough based on previous hours the same period last year

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Is it just me, or is anyone else pulling their hair out calculating furlough for the same period the previous year for variably paid employees?  Don't get why the calculations can't be based on the same tax period last year, rather than the same calendar days, which inevitably span tax weeks. Our payroll software, which has a job retention scheme module,  makes the whole thing too complicated so we've abandoned it and tried to design our own spreadsheets, but even after all these months I'm exasperated.  How on earth do the rest of you get time to do such lengthy calculations, or where did you get your spreadsheets designed to work it out for you?  Does it not take you hours and hours each week?  I've ended up basing the calculations on the previous tax period instead, because overall the payments balance out over a couple of weeks.  

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By kathyk0410
21st Feb 2021 10:26

Agreed - several times I have done complicated calculations and the difference in pay ends up being within £1.00s. This look back to 2019 is also going to cause issues with split weeks - and also where the comparable weekly period in 2020 is a lot higher than 2019 but I think we have to use 2019? BrightPay is an issue, as each tax year is on a separate file so you have to export the info as the software can't do it. Calculations take too long to justify the end result.

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By Barbara G
22nd Feb 2021 08:10

Thanks Kathy, you've given me re-assurance.

I was wondering at the looking back at 2019 months right enough, but I suppose thankfully most will fall into the average for the tax year 19/20 anyway, as that will be higher than March or April 2019 if they've had a pay rise since, well, for a good lot of ours anyway.

I admit, occasionally I do try to get it right, strictly by the book, but I give up in the end because there are just not enough hours in the day, literally, to compute it the way HMRC specify.

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